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Les Disques du Crépuscule \ Catalogue

Crépuscule releases:

Pauline Murray + the Invisible Girls [TWI 016]
It's Kinda Funny [TWI 022] - Josef K
The Only Fun In Town [TWI 052] - Josef K
At Twilight [TWI 054 CD] - Tuxedomoon
Broken Fingers [TWI 068 CD] - Blaine L. Reininger
Promises + African Queen [TWI 086 CD] - Allez Allez
Metamorphosis [TWI 096 CD] - Paul Haig
In Mutation [TWI 098 CD] - The Names
Forever [TWI 105] - Mikado
Camino del Sol [TWI 114 CD] - Antena
Something On My Mind [TWI 119] - The Pale Fountains
Ghosts of Christmas Past (Remake) [TWI 158 CD] - Various
East and West [TWI 187] - Anna Domino
Rhythm of Life [TWI 188 CD] - Paul Haig
Shiver [TWI 195] - Virna Lindt
Night Air [TWI 267 CD] - Blaine L. Reininger
Crepuscule slipmat [TWI 333]
Nue au Soleil [TWI 340 CD] - Ludus
Crépuscule au Japon t-shirt [TWI 400]
En Cavale [TWI 610 CD] - Isabelle Antena
Hoping for Love [TWI 759 CD] - Isabelle Antena
Easy Does It [TWI 1149 CD] - Isabelle Antena
Box set of 25 postcards [TWI 1150]
Odyssey [TWI 1151 CD] - Marsheaux
I'd Rather Be Naked [TWI 1152 CD] - Penelope Queen
Crépuscule spiral t-shirt [TWI 1153]
At Twilight [TWI 1154 CD] - Paul Haig
Crystal World [TWI 1156 CD] - Marnie
Commissions [TWI 1158 CD] - Blaine L. Reininger
The Hunter Remixed [TWI 1160] - Marnie
Space and Time [TWI 1161] - Deux Filles
Wolves [TWI 1165] - Marnie
Logic of Coincidence [TWI 1166 CD] - Zeus B. Held
Beyond Time [TWI 1223] - 23 Skidoo
Cold Science [TWI 1227 CD] - Les Panties
Crepuscule badge set [TWI 1228]
Sous Influences [TWI 1229] - Isabelle Antena
Tropical Odds [TWI 1233] - White Sea
Noblesse Oblige [TWI 1234] - Various Artists
Ni d'Eve, Ni d'Adam [TWI 1235 CD] - Various Artists
The Blue Sleep [TWI 1237 CD] - Blaine L. Reininger
Luna Misteriosa [TWI 1238 CD] - Buscemi
The Wood [TWI 1239] - Paul Haig
Music for Film & Theatre [TWI 8722 CD] - Steven Brown

Crépuscule catalogue via LTM:

Visit our Artist pages for a selection of Crépuscule albums released via LTM

23 Skidoo
Allez Allez
Isabelle Antena
Steven Brown
Gavin Bryars
Anna Domino
The Durutti Column
The French Impressionists
From Brussels With Love
Paul Haig
Isolation Ward
Richard Jobson
Josef K
Kid Montana
Virna Lindt
The Names
Les Panties
Penelope Queen
Eric Random
Blaine L. Reininger
Winston Tong
Thick Pigeon
White Sea

Archive releases:

For full details of the original Crépuscule back catalogue please refer to The Crepuscule and Factory Pages.

Les Disques du Crépuscule