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Blaine L. Reininger \ Commissions 2 [TWI 1246 CD]

More soundtrack music for theatre and dance productions staged between 2015-2019, composed, performed and recorded by Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon, including Angels, Caligula, The Kindly Ones, Reigen, Picnic With the Devil and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.

"Since 2015," explains Blaine, "I have played a ukulele-wielding Satan in The Master and Margarita, been a one-man band to accompany Caligula's evil antics six times a week, and - most recently - played and sung at sunset with a ten-piece choir before the very wall of the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria."

2xCD set mastered by Coti K. Cover image by Elina Giounanli.


Disc 1:
1. Im Eiswind
2. Atomium Sunrise
3. Cold Song
4. Freak Jazz
5. Interluce
6. Alter Ego
7. The Master and Margarita
8. Promenade Magique
9. Petao, Petao
10. You People Amaze Me
11. Twilight Fields
12. Krakenangriff
13. Don't Forget of Me

Disc 2:
1. Because It's Me
2. Waterphone
3. Betweenspace
4. Mauthausen Girls
5. Dark Alley
6. Novvy Kover
7. Stellar Violas
8. Dialogismos
9. Terrible Father
10. Happy New Year, Dorothy
11. Rilke Elegy
12. Where Did They Take Him?
13. Mombalaya

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Commissions 2 [TWI 1246 CD]
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Commissions 2 [TWI 1246 CD]


"It's a masterful body of work, and a reminder of the brilliant and often overlooked scores that exist outside of the world of film. This Reininger collection is a perfect example" (Electronic Sound, 01/2020)

"A satisfying collection that one can enjoy without the visual accompaniment of the stage productions. Commissions 2 successfully combines the work of six shows into something that runs in a logical and pleasing fashion, hitting peaks and then delightfully ebbing away. A different kind of listening experience for sure, but one that's very rewarding if you give yourself the time and environment to enjoy it in" (Louder Than War, 02/2020)

"The works range from atmospheric and eerie to grand and gothic, but despite their experimental nature, are mostly highly listenable in their own right. Opening the package, Im Eiswind manages to mix all of the attributes afore mentioned, with the violin working well alongside various Mellotron sounds. Petao, Petao plays with arpeggios and haunting choirs, while Alter Ego unexpectedly brings in vocoder and apes classic Depeche Mode. Disc 2 has a more arthouse approach, the Eno-esque Because It's Me pulsing along with soothing understated electronics and vocoder treatments next to slightly detuned chimes, which combine for a fabulously spacey effect. Both Betweenspace and Mauthausen Girls offer a more acoustic outlook within an uneasy schizophrenic cocoon, and Novvy Kover crosses accordion with synths in a manner that is more like an aural collage. A fine collection of accessible soundtrack works, those new to the work of Reininger will find a nice entry point in Disc 1, while Tuxedomoon fans will relish what is presented on Disc 2. Commissions 2 is thus a win-win for anyone with an interest in quality soundtrack compositions" (The Electricity Club, 11/2019)