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Various Artists \ Ni d'Eve, Ni d'Adam [TWI 1235 CD]

A compilation CD of recent tracks by new and heritage artists to mark 35 years of Les Disques du Crépuscule, curated by Michel Duval and James Nice.

As well as recent songs and instrumentals from Crépuscule mainstays such as Antena, Paul Haig, Anna Domino, Blaine L. Reininger, The Names and 23 Skidoo, along with more recent collaborators Marnie, Marsheaux and Ultramarine, the collection also features new songs by guests including Clou, Wrangler, Spleen, Pascal Comelade and Les Panties, plus an acclaimed version of Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet by Gavin Bryars, performed by pianist Maxence Cyrin.

The closing track is a previously unheard instrumental performed by Vini Reilly in 1980, now dedicated to the memory of Crépuscule co-founder Annik Honoré.

Cover art by Clou. CD sleeved in trifold matt board digipack, with notes by Michel Duval.


1. Marnie The Hunter
2. Wrangler Harder
3. Spleen ft. CocoRosie Beautiful Smell
4. Deux Filles Her New Master
5. Clou May the Force Be With You
6. Les Panties Diving
7. Blaine L. Reininger Anstrigone
8. Maxence Cyrin Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
9. Marsheaux Ghost/Hammer
10. Section 25 Mirror
11. 23 Skidoo Calypso
12. Ultramarine Eye Contact
13. Antena Le Spinner
14. Paul Haig Four Dark Traps
15. Kid Montana + Anna Domino The Last Love Song
16. The Names My Angel of Death
17. Pascal Comelade
18. The Durutti Column Detail for Annik

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Ni d'Eve, Ni d'Adam [TWI 1235 CD]
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"A subtly composed mixture of non-conformist pop, avant garde, electronic and minimal music. As beautiful as 'then', yet altogether of today" (Westzeit, 02/2016)

"A 35 year anniversary CD is as fitting a way as any to celebrate any label's successes in order to future-proof its legacy - in co-founder Annik Honoré's untimely absence, the current guardian of Crépuscule's more favourable catalogue, James Nice, has co-ordinated this intriguing new collection with the other original co-founder Michel Duval, who also composed the sleeve-notes. 18 tracks, many familiar names, a few special guests and a fetching cover design combine to make this as enjoyable as other older Crépuscule compilations. Ni D'Eve, Ni D'Adam joins the label's previously-issued From Brussels With Love, the follow-up Fruit of the Original Sin, Moving Soundtracks, Ghosts of Christmas Past and The Quick Neat Job as an important audible document of the imprint's wares.

"Established acts include Antena with their advert 'hit' Le Spinner (Samsonite, since you ask), Blaine L. Reininger's lustral Anstrigone (from his double CD Commissions), The Names' austere My Angel of Death (from glorious new album Stranger Than You) and Paul Haig's excellent cinematic instrumental Four Dark Traps. Allied artists are represented by the likes of Section 25 who offer up the punchy RSD 7" Mirror (with vocals from ACR's Simon Topping) and Wrangler with the busy, urbane Harder from must-have 2014 set LA Spark.

"But it's the newbies who prove to be the poppiest and upbeat these days. Marnie's The Hunter is wide-eyed synth-pop while Marsheaux's Ghost/Hammer is enough to incite vests off at a thousand paces, such is its spirited glitter-disco euphoria. The designer of the cover is Clou, whose May The Force Be With You radiates pleasingly, and the curiously-monikered Les Panties proffer the pristine Diving. And it's great to have those doyens of pastoral eccentricity Deux Filles back with the brand new Her New Master. This wouldn't be a Crépuscule collection without a couple of high-brow post-classical pieces. Pascal Comelade's Despintura a Fonica is a quiet playful afternoon in a Gallic grand-place of your choice, while Maxence Cyrin's take on Bryar's beautiful Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet suits solo piano perfectly.

"Add in 23 Skidoo's elegiac Calypso, Ultramarine's sprightly techno from the Essex estuaries (acid marsh?) in the form of Eye Contact, and the exclusive Detail for Annik from The Durutti Column (recorded in 1980), and you have a near-perfect 78 minutes" (Flipside, 12/2015)

"The story is known. In 1980 Michel Duval and late Annik Honoré founded one of the finest labels of all time: Les Disques du Crépuscule. LDDC also became one of the most collected labels ever, and it might also be the only label that released compilations the fans really looked forward to. In 2004 everything went quiet, but now Crépuscule is also a label with a future, as this new compilation on which both old and new talent is featured proves" (Peek-a-Boo, 01/2016)