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Marsheaux \ Odyssey [TWI 1151 CD]

Crépuscule presents Odyssey, a compilation of outstanding original tracks by Marsheaux, the elegant Helenic synthpop duo consisting of Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou.

As well as highlights from all four studio albums released by Marsheaux on Undo Records, Odyssey also includes hard to find single Ghost, advertising jingle Cosmogirl, and Full Attack - a brand new song recorded especially for this project. All tracks are produced by Fotonovela. All songs are written by Marsheaux except their hit cover of Popcorn, the kitsch electronic classic by Gershon Kingsley.


1. m.a.r.s.h.e.a.u.x.
2. Flash Lights
3. Computer Love
4. Dream of a Disco
5. Home
6. Wait No More
7. Summer
8. Destroy Me
9. Faith
10. Sorrow
11. Ghost
12. Do You Feel?
13. Over and Over
14. Inhale
15. Alone
16. Can You Stop Me?
17. Full Attack
18. Cosmogirl
19. Popcorn

CD is sold out!. Deluxe six panel digipack with booklet. To order CD please select correct shipping option and click on Add To Cart button below cover image, or else contact LDDC by email.



"While Little Boots and Ladyhawke have gone on to million-selling success the crystalline sexy pop of Marsheaux remains an elusive delicacy for many. By turns sulky, pouting, energetic and unhinged, their albums offer laser-guided and expertly plotted electronic songs. If you don't like verse/chorus, despise harmonies, loathe catchy hooks and like your synthery dark, doomy and predictable then avoid. The rest of you please climb onboard asap" (Future Music)

"Flash Lights offers volatile synth-pop while Home puts me in mind of Ladytron. Summer is sultry pop, Do You Feel? pulsing Morodor-rama, and Destroy Me and Over and Over effortlessly Euromantic in the mould of Saint Etienne and Tennant/Lowe" (Blow Up, 02/2014)

"Since their very first album Marsheaux have earned themselves a serious reputation in the synth-pop world. Built with numerous analogue keyboards, the sound reminds you of early Ladytron, but a little bit harder. Marsheaux are also full of reverie and (bitter) sweetness. Musically the Greek girls handle their instruments perfectly while at the same time proving that vintage synths are the only ones to create a unique sound. For sure it sets Marsheaux apart from any other 'digital' synth-pop contenders" (Side-Line)

"I do have a soft spot for Marsheaux, I have to say. They have a certain sort of wispy, melancholic charm" (Andy McCluskey, OMD)