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Thick Pigeon \ Too Crazy Cowboys [LTMCD 2342]

Too Crazy Cowboys is the first album by New York art minimalists Thick Pigeon, originally released in October 1984 on Factory Records (Fact 85). The duo comprised vocalist Stanton Miranda and composer Carter Burwell, later famous for his numerous movie scores for the Coen Brothers. After several singles for Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1982-83 (including Subway and Dog) the pair linked up with New Order duo Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert for this, their first full length album.

Recorded in Manchester in 1983, the album offers a subtle, sculptured sequence of vignettes, described by one reviewer as "a walk through the civilisation of your soul." Remastered for CD and digital, Too Crazy Cowboys includes an update of Sudan, hard-edged electro cuts such as Crime and Hank, as well as the stately Jess + Bart. The album also contains three bonus tracks: two versions of 1984 Factory Benelux single Wheels Over Indian Trails, and rare cut Pope, recorded for a Factory US compilation released in 1987.


1. Troglodytes
2. Sudan
3. Crime
4. Help
5. Fred + Andy
6. Misuse
7. Nuns + Soldiers
8. DB
9. Babcock + Wilcox
10. Jess + Bart
11. Hank
12. Wheels Over Indian Trails (12" Mix)
13. Wheels Over Indian Trails (Dub Mix)
14. Pope

Available on CD and download. Booklet notes by Miranda. Artwork by Lawrence Wiener.

Too Crazy Cowboys [LTMCD 2342]


"Office favourite!" (Jockey Slut, 05/2003)

"The edgier set, and nearly impossible to date - neither the sparse electronics nor Miranda's deliberately flattened vocals giving anything away. In mood it prefigures the experimentation of early techno" (The Wire, 04/2004)

"The use of studio-generated effects, concussed vocals and techno rhythm are like ghostly suggestions of today's electronica scene, whispered down the decades from a more spartan age" (Uncut, 06/2004)

"Throughout a mood of unsettling drama is present with the excellent Jess + Bart perhaps being their defining moment. Oddly, this album is a considerably less dated affair than many of today's current drop of electro-clash revivalists" (Leonard's Lair, 04/2003)

"Good to hear it again. Do yourself a favour and check this album out forthwith" (Tangents, 04/2003)

"Creates a disquieting, oblique soundworld all of it's own devices" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 04/2003)