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Crépuscule \ Daylight Upon Magic [TWI 1257 / FBN 165]

Daylight Upon Magic is a free sampler CD from Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux featuring new and rare tracks from our current releases in 2021/22, together with several exclusives and tracks from selected label friends. It's available free when you order one vinyl or two or more CDs via our own mailorder service. Please note - TWI 1257 will not available in the shops!

CD tracklist:

1. Steven Wilson Eyewitness
2. Sink Ya Teeth The Hot House
3. New Order Be A Rebel (Stephen Morris T34 Mix)
4. Sea Fever Folding Lines
5. Union of Knives ft. Marnie A Tall Tale
6. Campbell/Mallinder/Benge Condition Collapsing
7. Thick Pigeon Subway
8. Fovea Hex Falling Things (Where Does A Girl Begin?)
9. Blaine L. Reininger Quarter Teen
10. Piscine et Charles Quart de Tour, Mon Amour
11. Big Daddy Cupid's Itch
12. Ultramarine Music For Random Spectacular
13. Buscemi ft. Steve Ignorant Who D'You Think You're Talking To?
14. Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop (edit)
15. LoneLady Little Fugue
16. Plenty Forest Also Burning
17. Durutti Column Thin Ice (unedited)

TWI 1257 is housed in a card wallet designed by Pascal Blua.

Daylight Upon Magic [FBN 165 / TWI 1257]
Daylight Upon Magic [FBN 165 / TWI 1257]