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Antena \ Easy Does It [TWI 1149 CD]

Easy Does It is the eleventh solo album by Isabelle Antena, originally issued in 2005. Produced by Isabelle and Denis Moulin at their studio in the south of France, Easy Does It was her first pure bossa record, featuring nine new original songs along with interpretations of classics by Henry Mancini and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

It remains one of her most popular albums. Says Isabelle: "The first song I recorded, The Boy From Ipanema, was a bossa track, and on every album since I have included a bossa number. I've always been very close to Latin music, maybe because I'm Mediterranean myself. The title of the album also describes my nature, and anyway I'm proud to create and listen to so-called 'easy listening' music. Having said that, some of the songs have also been missed by young DJs from around the world."

Bonus disc Issy Does It features eight pin-sharp remixes by luminaries such as Thievery Corporation, Buscemi, Nicola Conte, Yukihiro Fukutomi and La Malice. A vinyl version is also available via LTM.

CD tracklist:

Disc 1

1. Nothing to Lose
2. Moonlight Dancer
3. A Rainbow (Can't Be Forever)
4. O Sapo
5. So Tinha De Ser Com Voce
6. Omerta Bossa
7. Stars
8. Your One & Only
9. Easy Does It
10. Aguas Calmas
11. Fresh
12. Obrigado
13. La Pécheresse à la ligne
14. Sweet Kiss

Disc 2

1. Nothing to Lose (Thievery Corporation Mix)
2. Omerta Bossa (Nicola Conte Mix)
3. La Pécheresse à la ligne (Buscemi Mix)
4. Easy Does It (La Malice Mix)
5. Fresh (Yukihiro Fukutomi Mix)
6. The Star System (Dr Drak Mix)
7. Your One & Only (Musiq for Pleasure Mix)
8. Spirituosi (Este Samba) (Shape Mix)

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Easy Does It [TWI 1149 CD] - Isabelle Antena
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"A combination of interpretive covers and originals that all suggest a perfect, warm late-night setting under a full moon at the best beach club imaginable. The winner on the remix disc must be Nicola Conte's revamp of Omerta Bossa, which features a Conte-led bossa band providing a totally new arrangement" (All Music Guide, 04/2005)

"This delightful album of pure Bossa Nova songs is a weapon of stealth for any would-be lover of either sex, and any inclination" (Whisperin' & Hollerin' 04/2005)