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Isabelle Antena \ Sous Influences [TWI 1229 CD]

Sous Influences is a brand new studio album from Isabelle Antena, the French jazz-pop-bossa polymath who first found fame with electro-samba trio Antena and influential debut album Camino del Sol.

Mostly produced by husband Denis Moulin in Brussels, Goa and Soumont (France), the 12 track album began life as an album by occasional band Pause Cafe. 'But then Denis lost his father Marc,' explains Isabelle, 'and the project had to be put on hold. The other members of Pause Cafe worked on other projects, while I released a lot of dance tracks via Beatport as Antena-Solar. That's how I met the DJ and House music producer J.T. Donaldson, from Dallas. He wanted to produce some jazzy music with me and that lead to My Lexicon and Aht Uh Mi Hed.'

In 2016, with Denis back on board, the couple decided to round up all these tracks as a new Isabelle solo album, Sous Influences, mixing jazz and bossa nova styles. The working template was an old skool vinyl album. 'With two distinct sides,' says Isabelle. 'Our own original material, and also covers of key songs that have influenced my current musical direction, arranged by Denis a la Bill Evans, thus fulfilling a musical dream.'

CD tracklist:

1. Sous les Pavés
2. Te Garder
3. Easily Happy
4. Isabelle
5. My Lexicon
6. Over You
7. Le Départ
8. All Gone
9. Senza Fine
10. Aht Uh Mi Hed
11. Trip to the Fair
12. Le Souffle de la Vie

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Sous Influences [TWI 1229 CD]
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"Rather like stumbling out of the cold into a basement bar for warmth and sustenance, songs like Sous les Paves, Senza Fine and Te Garder place a reassuring arm around tired shoulders like an old friend with their nods to samba, ballads and easy-swinging jazz. Head back out of the same bar onto street level and you encounter an ideal soundtrack to urban bustle in Over You, Easily Happy and the sumptuous cover of Shuggie Otis' Aht Ah Mi Hed. Other covers include Brel's Isabelle and Dankworth (and Pinter's) All Gone, both ably treated with respect. But perhaps the album's centrepiece is the woozy epic My Lexicon, a sort-of bossa-nova take on My Favourite Things. It's too obvious to liken this to a dawdle along a sun-drenched beach but it's a starting point for investigating her previous singles Seaside Weekend and Little Fish From Southern Seas. Mesmerising, sensuous and compelling, Sous Influences is more than just hip Latin-jazz musings - it's another solid addition to an already consistent back-catalogue. 9/10" (Flipside, 01/2017)